Automatic Smart Cat Toys Ball Interactive

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Smart Colorful Interactive Cat Toys Ball

360° Rotation & Direction Change

1.Just press the button,the smart cat toy will 360 degree self rotate to keep your pet frantically chasing the ball.

2.Sphere shape and self balancing system design make the ball change direction automatically when colliding with a wall, chair, door, etc.

More Attractive Interactive Cat Toys for Kitten

Compared with other old cat balls, Fairwin Smart Cat Ball now upgraded with several features: 2 color light modes, 2 attached feather, 2 plush balls and bell, build-in catnip(warm tips: you can’t see it, but cat can smell it) to make the ball a better toy to attract the attention of all cats.


Material: ABS
Sizes: 2.5 inches in Diameter
Charging Time: 1.5-2H with USB
Working Time: 4H

Two Color Modes

1.Press the button once: Single red light mode
2.Press the button twice: Colorful changing lights mode
3.Press the button thirdly: Power off and light off

2 Color Light Modes and USB Rechargeable Kitten Toys

Two color modes design, the ball can be switched from red light and RGB color changing light, quickly catch your kitties attention when rolls. USB Rechargeable design, no need to spend money buying a battery, charging 1.5 hours can provide up to 4 hours of entertainment and exercise for your kitten. Save your money and more environment friendly.

Upgraded USB Charging & Large Battery Capacity

1.USB rechargeable design. No need to replace batteries.
2.Built in high quality lithium battery, 1.5H charging time supports 4 hours fun time.
3. 45 mins auto power off, will not consume too much energy of your kitty.

Attract Cats Attention

1.Come with feather, bell and plush balls accessories to attract the cat’s attention when your cat playing with it.
2.Motiving your cat’s hunting instinct, let your cat get more exercise while chasing, prevent from obesity and boredom.

Funny Cat Toys with Feather & Bell Accessories to Avoid boredom

Attached the funny accessories like feather, plush balls and bell to attract your cat’s attention when they playing. Stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts and get your cat more exercise during the chase to prevent obesity and boredom. This is the best cat toys choice when you leave your cat alone at home.


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Smart cat toys


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15 reviews for Automatic Smart Cat Toys Ball Interactive

  1. K***r

    Шарик классый, пришёл с зарядом, и сразу “убежал” от котов. Они такого не ожидали и толпой пошли смотреть что это за новое чудо.
    Я игрушкой довольна, давно хотела. Надеюсь коты тоже оценят, и будут играть. К нему идут 2 прицепливающиеся игрушки, просто колокольчик, и перышко. Но можно прицепить что угодно. Шарик пластмасовый немного громыхает по ламинату, жаль что нет резинового напыления.
    Продавец умничка, все хорошо упаковано, и спасибо за подарки. В подарок приложил 2 мягких шарика и 3 наклейки с котиками.
    Хорошая игрушка котикам. Рекомендую

  2. M***n

    It’s awesome. It comes charged with small gifts (stickers and 2 fluffy small balls). There’s an instruction and a thank you note. The cats are still weary of it but keep following it. It hast two modes. Operating with the on off button. Quite quiet. Thank you! Recommending

  3. g***e

    1000 s⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Toy zachetnaya!!! Delivery of one and a half weeks to Israel. Very satisfied with the toy!!!! The cat was shocked first. Tipo what is it?. He’s been playing with her for about an hour. Thank you so much!!!

  4. O***a

    Very good product, it moves continuously, which provides that the cat is whenever he wants to play, comes with a pen and a rattlesnake.

  5. A***v

    Super! The cat really liked it, it’s happy and plays, although it’s not until the end that the ball itself is rolling) the ball has come already charged, without damage, the box is too

  6. g***r

    At the moment very well and with gift!

  7. J***a

    Fast shipping… it works. Nice free gifts my cat love the soft balls.

  8. R***a

    very nice cat game, the only problem it doesn’t work on soft floor like carpet

  9. 0***r

    It’s all right. It seems that at first the ball is afraid of my cat, he watches it in the distance, but when I keep it, he searches for it insistently. Along with the big ball, they gave me two balls and two cat stickers

  10. O***n

    Very cool seller! I will buy from him necessarily: fast delivery, quality goods, made an order for several positions-put gifts! A cat met a toy for a couple of days .. I followed her, watched her, but I did not touch my paw. It’s playing now. This toy fits perfectly, especially when I need to distract the cat, so as not to interfere with my daughter’s lessons to do.

  11. A***a

    Heavy, beating loudly about hard objects, it makes sense to make the body rubberized. Lights rather interfere and distract from the toy itself, so I plan to glue them than that (lasers for the nervous system of cats are harmful). On the perimeter of the ball there are rubber/silicone inserts so that the ball does not slip. It is rolled in the random direction, it is necessary to want a small free heel without obstacles. A good toy, the attention of cats is definitely chained

  12. J***U

    Thanks to the seller, for the little gifts. The product I know it very well, it’s the third balls I buy.

  13. O***h

    I love this toy, the quality is great. The description is accurate. It’s rolling on floor and doesn’t make a lot of noise. My cat is interested, but she’s looking from a distance, it’s her first automatic toy. The seller put three soft balls, but since my cat immediately started playing with it, I don’t have any pictures of them. I recommend this toy! It’s so easy to turn in and make your cat busy.

  14. R***e

    faster than expect
    my cat really interested in it but didnt smash/play just keep following it lol

  15. A***S

    An excellent Toy, our cat at first could not understand for a long time what a miracle now drives on naked half, but after began to be interested and play with the ball. very interesting for us and the cat! I recommend to purchase!

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